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MyGiftCardSite cards are an excellent gift option for any occasion. If you received or purchased a prepaid gift card on MyGiftCardSite, you can make a purchase from any of the stores in the country.

MyGiftCardSite is one of the best gift card retailers online. The company is affiliated with numerous giant affiliates such as Best Buy, Amazon, and many more.

MyGiftCardSite General Queries

How does the official MyGiftCardSite Login portal work?

The entire working process of the MyGiftCardSite is easy to understand for every user. It is a virtual payment card. You need to give your card to the cashier of the store from where you are making purchases. She will deduct the amount of purchase and return it back to you. Thus, no serious efforts from your side by any means!

The purchase price will be charged to the card. It is highly advised that you check your balance regularly to avoid the inconvenience of your next purchase.

Where do I use MyGiftCardSite?

The portal comes with a simple registration process that requires some of the required details. The information you provide will be evaluated and verified when you register yourself on this portal. When you’re done, activate your gift card to use the same.

The official is not working properly. How do I resolve the issue?

In this case, you need to reach out to the customer support team at 866-952-5653 or change your browser as the Windows pop-up requires additional information for this site. If you use ad-blocking software in your browser, you may not be able to see all the information.

How di I access MyGiftCardSite statement?

To access your card statement, sign in to MyGiftCardSite simply by providing your card number and security code.

Using is extremely easy for customers. After selecting the gifts, you wish to purchase, proceed to checkout and hand over the card at checkout. You may be asked to submit your PIN code, so you only have to provide it at checkout.