The Portal

Enrolling your card is compulsory for the users to avoid the misuse of the card. When you receive your MyGiftCardSite, you must activate it on the official portal and ensure that the services are accessible. So please make sure that your card is activated before you start using the same.

MyGiftCardSite is one of the foremost online gift card retailers. You can use the official portal at the URL address

These cards are an ideal gift option for any occasion. If you received or purchased a prepaid gift card on MyGiftCardSite, there are numerous places where you can use this card.

The is so widespread today that it makes gift giving so much easier. Finding gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other occasions has never been easier.

You can get your card whenever and wherever you want as long as prepaid gift cards are accepted. Also, you can check your account balance with ease after signing in to your MyGiftCardSite Login account.

You can also check your Visa MyGiftCardSite or MasterCard balance using the options below. However, before deciding to check your card balance, make sure you have your card number available. You may even have to swipe the PIN or password where it should be. You should also keep the card’s security code handy. The card security code is a three-digit number that is stamped on the reverse side of your card.

The users can also check the balance on the MyGiftCardSite Login portal at and activate the same online. The steps to do the same are already explained in our article. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friends or family for a special occasion? Then, the MyGiftCardSite Login can be an ideal option for you.